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VAXCON envisions a brighter future for humanity

and is committed to ongoing research to bring that future to life.

This dedication will be rewarded with a healthier life for all human beings.

Shock-absorbing technology

for preventing fall accidents.

1. Real-time gait analysis system technology 

2. Composite sensor technology for real-time fall detection.

3. Shock-absorbing Technology for protecting the head and lumbar spine in case of fall accidents.

4. The establishment of a standard for IT-based elderly care service certification 

5. Real-time gait monitoring technology to support the daily lives of the elderly. 

6. Vent technology for airbags. 

7. Inflator technology for airbags. 

8. Silencer technology for inflators.

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Falling Airbag(Airable)

Falling Airbag ODM Service

The Falling Airbag products can provide ODM(Oniginal Development Manufacturing) service. BNR co.,ltd provides complete service from planning, development, production, management and shipment of products. It supports the sales of products by brand companies through technologies and ODM processes.

 Available Product line

1. Falling Airbag for Elderly people

2. Falling Airbag for Bicycle

3. Falling Airbag for Construction Worker

 BNR ODM Manufacturing Principles

1. Original Productivity

BNR's original technology contributes to the safety of users and the increase of your sales. 

2. Trust and One-Step System

It supports all processes from product planning to development, production and release. 

3. Leading Quality Management System

It makes safe products with a solid quality system that has been in the medical device quality system for over 17years.

4. Principles of Manufacturing of BNR

- Manufacturing Ethics : We build our technology with  customer's safety in mind. 

- Technology Guarantee : We do our best to comply with customer requests with he best technology and patents we have.


Customer counseling request ▶ Business counseling ▶ Contract ▶ Design development ▶ Sample confirmation ▶ Subsidiary goods warehousing ▶ production ▶ Delivery

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A trocar is the most basic device for laparoscopic surgery. It is inserted into the surgical site by making an incision of 1 cm to 2 cm.

Most laparoscopic surgical instruments are used with trocars during surgery.

Medical Device


Trocar (Blade Trocar, Bladeless Trocar)

Pouch Bag

Wound Retractor

Single Port

Our office & Warehouse

Resistance and Durability Tester

We independently developed an equipment to test the resistance and durability of trocar sealing part. Also, we are exerting efforts to improve the safety and reliability of trocars.

Air Leak tester

We are exerting our effort to improve our quality by testing all our products for air leakage using our leak tester.

Electronic buckle 

We are pleased to introduce various products for a happier life on VAXCON’s platform. 

(Coming soon)


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