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How to use the Airable Belt

Ensure that the hook is correctly fastened when wearing.

The Airable Belt is easy to wear with a one-touch design that only requires buckling up.

Stages of wearing


Make sure the charging terminal is facing upwards and then fasten the buckle.

Standing By

When the buckle is properly fastened, a green light appears with the message 'Please wait a moment'.

Position adjustment

Adjust the wearing position so that it is on the pelvis. (Do not shake)


After about 5 seconds, when the message ‘Preparation is complete’ appears, the device will begin normal operation.

How to Charge 

The Airable Belt must be charged after unbuckling.

How to correctly charge:

To ensure the safe use of the product, please follow the proper charging method.

 Make sure to unfasten the buckle before charging

When fully charged, the battery reaches full capacity (auto-off when fully charged).

         (The product will not operate when the function is terminated due to insufficient charge.)

When charging is complete (auto-off status), disconnect the charger from the product.

       (Caution is required against overcharging, and the recommended battery life is 2 years and can be replaced through after-sales service)

This appliance includes an adapter and is not recommended for use with third-party chargers.

       (Using a third-party charger may risk injury such as shortened product lifespan, breakdown, fire, etc.)

 Do not charge in environments with high humidity and temperature.

Precautions for Use

Essential Checks for Safe Use

While wearing this product, do not adjust the position by shaking it up and down or left and right.

Doing so may cause the product to detect it as a fall accident and then the airbag may be deployed.


If you sit down on a chair, sofa, or car seat with this product in a free-fall state without using your own strength,

the product may detect it as a fall accident due to the power off and rebound phenomenon, and then the airbag may be deployed.

When sitting on a chair or sofa, you must use your own strength to sit down slowly.

This product is designed as a one-touch device that can be turned on and off with just the buckle-up/unfastening action.

Therefore, it is most important to fasten the buckle properly when wearing the product and make sure that it is working properly (green light) after each connection.

Handling and Storage Precautions

Essential checks for safe storage

Must be unbuckled

in all cases

except when in use. 

This product features a one-touch design for user convenience, allowing the product to operate simply by buckling up.

Always unbuckle for charging, storage, etc., except when using it.

 No pets allowed.

 No children allowed.

 Be careful of exposure to high humidity and temperature.

 Do not use when submerged underwater or exposed to heavy rain.

No Pet Allowed

Keep it away from pets.

Humidity Temperature Caution

Store in a place not exposed to moisture and direct sunlight.

No Children Allowed

Keep it away from children.

Do Not Use When Submerged Underwater.

This product is water-resistant, but do not use it

when submerged underwater

or exposed to heavy rain.


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